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    Hi all, (just joined up)

    I'm hoping this is ok to do, but I'm trying to spread the word a little about what I think is a simply astounding sim which runs on Android or Ios mobile devices, and couldn't see any other mention of it in the forum.

    The sim is Aerofly2, developed by ipacs who I try to help out occasionally.

    My background is... A lot of years involved in sims, my first was psion flight sim on the ZX81, which evolved through other home computer sims, then onto PC with FS4 through its many iterations finishing up with IL2 just after the Millennium. Then married life, no money for PCs and a long time away from Flight Simulation. Then about 3yrs ago having finally giving up and buying a smartphone, I was sat one day and wondered if any flight sims were available for mobile platforms. At the time I discovered Infinite Flight, which for mobile devices was surprisingly full featured and whenever stuck for something to do would do a few touch and goes, or a quick flight in IF. Things move on, mobile devices get quicker, then last summer a new mobile sim emerged, which just simply blew me away.

    Aerofly2 is really a PC quality sim running on mobile devices. With working instruments in the fully functioning cockpit, VOR, NDB navigation are possible, in addition to the sat nav type ui too, it amazes me still. The code base for mobile versions is common to the PC version Aerofly FS2 giving incredible physics for mobile, with realistic slips and cross control being possible. Add in photo realistic scenery which uses Satellite imagery of the region area (San Fran - or additionally SoCal for ios only) and you can actually fly using pilotage and a sectional chart, following highways, railroads or any real life scenery you can see from 2k feet upwards.

    I'm trying to spread the word, partly to help my friend at ipacs, but also to put this in the hands of the people I think would love it as much as I do. There seems to be little knowledge or experience of it reading various forums and Web pages and it is without hesitation the best mobile experience, (but also available on PC). If you're a flight sim enthusiast you should try this even if it's only for when you're away from your PC, like lunchbreaks or trips.

    Aerofly1 is even free on Android, so no upfront purchase cost. Aerofly1 and Aerofly FS are based in Switzerland. Aerofly2 is the premium product based in San Fran and So Cal with additional features and future development.

    The links to download are...

    Aerofly1 (Android) Google Play store =

    Aerofly2 (Android) Google Play store =
    Direct email = [email protected]

    Aerofly FS (ios) iTunes =

    Aerofly2 (ios) iTunes =

    Aerofly2 PC (Steam) =

    Pictures below are all taken from the Android versions of Aerofly1 and Aerofly2.

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    I want to add my thumbs up to the Aerofly sims. I have the original Switzerland-only PC sim, which has some limitations apart from excellent graphics, plane models and flight characteristics. Slope soaring in the Alps in high performance gliders is great fun. So I am also excited to see the new Aerofly FS2 currently in development - a PC beta version is now available at Steam, and it looks to be of very high quality and will hopefully expand its coverage beyond California, Nevada and Arizona.

    I never understood why these excellent sims have gained so little attention here in the US.

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