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    FSUIPC has the following offsets that do not seem to be available in XPUIPC (C# code from my application):
    Offset<double> FSUIPCFuelFlow1 = new Offset<double>("FSUIPCFuelFlow1", 0x2060); //Fuel flow for engine 1.
    Offset<double> FSUIPCFuelFlow2 = new Offset<double>("FSUIPCFuelFlow2", 0x2160); //Fuel flow for engine 2.
    Offset<double> FSUIPCFuelFlow3 = new Offset<double>("FSUIPCFuelFlow3", 0x2260); //Fuel flow for engine 3.
    Offset<double> FSUIPCFuelFlow4 = new Offset<double>("FSUIPCFuelFlow4", 0x2360); //Fuel flow for engine 4.

    I need to be able to calculate the fuel flow for an application I am creating for our VA. Does anyone know how to get the fuel flow via XPUIPC?

    Also, does anyone know where I could get a list of what offsets are currently available in XPUIPC?

    Any help would be appreciated,

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    According to the author of XPUIPC

    To the outside world it has the same IPC interface like FSUIPC and I coded the same offsets into it, means under offset 0x570 + 8 byte you will find the same value like in MS FS. So if you fire up your favorite MS FS FSUIPC addon it will most likely work with X-Plane again.
    (my bold)

    AFAICT he never got round to writing the documentation.

    I would suggest that you try contacting the author of XPUIPC [email protected]
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    Offsets 0x2060, 0x2160, 0x2260 & 0x2360 which are used for fuel flow in FS9, FSX & P3D are not return any raw data in X-Plane, so it would seem that not ALL offsets have been added.

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    Yes, it would seem that way. Hence my suggestion to contact the author, although I have the feeling he is no longer actively involved in developing the tool.

    I never use things like XPUIPC, as I regard them as stopgap solutions.

    But I understand this doesn't solve your problem. Success with your application anyway.

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    I have sent him an e-mail and I will wait and see what happens.


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