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Thread: Article: X-Plane's Core Libraries

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    Default Article: X-Plane's Core Libraries

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    Excellent piece, Dominic!


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    I'm a FSX guy considering X-Plane and have a few questions.

    These core libraries, are they all freeware? I'm assuming they'll continue to grow in number. If they're there will X use them without a lot of linking?

    I've built a bunch of high end computers but am not good at software issues. Does using add on scenery, plane, etc. with X involve a lot of user software links?

    Are there any 2-d cockpits in X? I currently fly with a 2d cockpit on my center screen then use the aircraft's left and right wing views on my side screens to provide a wrap around effect. Is there a similar way to do this with x-Pane?

    Thanks in advance!


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    Thanks for the article!

    I'm a totally new user of XP.
    I would be fine if the article explains little more about those "standard" libraries.
    What they contain and how to install.
    Probably this is explained somewhere, but some references would help.

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    It I thought the article did explain what they contain...the libraries include the buildings and other objects that make up the scenery.

    As for installation, they install the same way as any other X-Plane scenery.

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    To install you unzip the file into a folder such as C:\TEMP then move the whole folder into an Xplane folder called "Custom Scenery" - then there is a file you edit to inlclude a reference to the new folder, just see the example in the file itself and mimic the lines. If you have edited and installed scenery in FSX it should be no more bother Good luck and dont sue me if it doesnt work. For me it was EASY

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