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Thread: Trying to get started with Air Manager

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    Default Trying to get started with Air Manager

    I'm a new user, having purchased Air Manager after FlightSimCon 2016. I've recently tried to create a panel for my Alabeo C404 but am having a hard time getting started. I've tried to follow the User Manual as published in the online WIKI, but it no longer matches the latest version.

    One problem I have seems related to my multiple monitor setup. I downloaded the pre-made panel for the C172 (which I thought I could use with the A2A C172) but it is so large it displays on one monitor and half of another. Likewise, when I try to set up a new panel for the C404, the gauges are way too big on the monitor. From an online video I found, I think the cause is the resolution setting of the panel or gauges. The previous version of Air Manager had a way to set the proper resolution to match the monitor the panel will be used on. I can't seem to find this setting in the new version.

    Will the WIKI be updated soon to apply to the latest version? Can someone give me the first few steps needed to create a panel?

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    Disregard my request. I finally figured it out.

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    I will update the wiki soon. But both versions have the ability to resize gauges. There has never been a function to resize them all at once.

    If you click on of the instruments in the panel, you'll see all the settings for that instrument.

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