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Thread: Feedback for Downloads

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    Nels, I prefer my word to what you changed it to, "users". It captured the irritation engendered by a repetitive lack of response to pleas for feedback information. Which certainly has an effect, in that I find that I have no new project in mind.

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    I for one really appreciate all the work freeware developers do, it is absolute magic, way, way beyond my computer abilities! In the early years of my FS experience I was to much in awe and humbled to make any comments. It actually took me a while to figure out how to navigate FS stuff on my PC let alone make comments. I would think the number of downloads a developer gets for there work would provide a lot of positive feedback. I have been a private pilot for 49 years and the opportunity to fly unusual or special aircraft that appeal to each one of us is possible in this hobby which may not be otherwise possible in reality. Thank you very much to all the Flight Sim developers!!!

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    by any chance do you know good A320NEO for fsx? all A320NEOs i keep finding are A320s with CFM engines and sharklets

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    In my opinion there is no such thing as bad feedback!

    Having made a few freeware airports any feedback is good feedback, and you're right!
    In the 10 years I have been making freeware scenery I can count on one hand the amount of replies I have received good and bad!
    Do it right first and every time!
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