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Thread: Article: Interview with David Molyneaux

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    Just wanted to say a BIG thank you to you David!

    Your models are awesome and top notch quality, and I've had lots of hours of fun flying them!

    Thanks for all your work, the sim community really appreciates it!



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    TWF007 Checking in....

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    Hello David,
    As a Prepar3D V4.4 user I am very interested to know which of your fine aircraft will work in my sim. And if there are; Where can the y be downloaded?
    with kind regards,
    Piet de Geus
    degeuspiet at

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    Thank you David!

    I do appreciate your wonderful work.

    I'd like to know if you were considering developping an FSX version of your Miles Messenger? No way to get the gauges visible with FSX SE.


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    Hi David,
    Further to my previous ... Yr Blackburn B2 continues to be my default aircraft ...providing even more fun/ pleasure when flown in the FlyInsideFSX mode. Fantastic for this Old Simmer !



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