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Thread: Saitek Pro Flight Switch Panels - Switches Not Working

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    Hello All,
    Been a long-time visitor of the forums. I really appreciate all of your contributions. They have helped me immensely in the past.

    I have recently done a fresh install of Windows 10 64-bit (1 week ago) and have the following setup:

    FSX: Steam Edition
    Saitek Pro Flight Yoke w/ Throttle Quad
    Saitek Pro Flight Cessna Rudder Pedals
    Saitek Pro Flight Switch Panel

    I installed the Saitek FSX: SE 64-bit plugin and the appropriate 64-bit drivers and software for all of the devices.
    Yoke/Quad and Rudder Pedals work great. With the switch panel however, the mags/starter knob works great and the landing gear lever works great. The actual switches on the panel though, are not working. Bat/Alt/All Lights/Fuel Pump/etc are not working.

    I've tried uninstalling/re-installing panel drivers and software several times. Every function on the panel works fine in the Saitek Pro Flight Switch Panel Test Application. Just as soon as I launch FSX: SE, the switches stop functioning but gear lever and mag/starter work fine.

    I've had this setup for a while and had all functions of every device work fine in Windows 7 64-bit and even Windows 10 32-bit. I just can't get my head around why, with a clean install of Windows 10 64-bit and all drivers and software for Saitek hardware, the switches would not work.

    Not sure if this helps, but upon FSX: SE loading, I get the SaiFlightSimX.exe prompt and SaiPanels.exe prompt. I click Yes to both before FSX: SE fully loads.

    Any insight be would greatly appreciated!


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    When you say 'not working',
    -when pressed while flying don't function?
    -unable to assign function to button in fsx menu: options-settings-controls-keyboard assignments.

    Because, if works fine in calibr menu saitek then sounds like not assigned in fsx.

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    Thanks for your reply!

    When pressed in flight. For instance, flying a Baron 58, the mag/starter knob on the panel works fine. The landing gear works fine as well. The rest do not respond. The switch panels do not show up in Options in FSX, never did. When you download the drivers for the panel on Saitek's site, the drivers include an .exe called "SaiPanels" which loads when FSX starts. This basically assigns all of the switches/knob/lever to the defaults. If your craft has retractable gear, then the lever works, however if you are flying a Cessna 152/172, the gear lever is disabled.

    I've attached an image which shows everything that does not work. It worked great in Windows 7 and even in Windows 10 prior to me wiping my computer and installing a fresh install of Windows 10 and FSX. Now, everything inside the red area just doesn't respond within FSX.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    So, this afternoon I uninstalled the Yoke and the Panels. Rebooted. Re-downloaded the Yoke Software and Drivers and installed. Then instead of downloading the Saitek Switch Panel drivers for Windows 10 64-bit, I used the Windows XP/Vista/7/8.1 64-bit drivers.

    Now every switch works fine! Must be something with the Windows 10 64-bit drivers I suppose

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    I had no solution for you. Glad to hear you got it going!!
    And thanks for sharing your solution. It may well help someone else else in the future.
    Happy flights!

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    Thanks! And, of course, very happy to share. 'Tis how forums work

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    Thanks Guys, I had the same issue, now fixed!

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    I'm now having the same problem but when I go to download the drivers for the other operating systems it winds up being the same file. This is the Pro_Flight_Panels driver. Was is different for you?

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