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    I have just purchased Air Manager and created a Cesna cockpit. Up to now I'm very impressed, it seems far more responsive than similar programs I've used. I'm running it on a laptop connected via a network to a desktop both running windows 10. I am using FSX De Lux Edition. My question concerns the FSX Plug-in. I've installed it and everything is working fine. When does it load? It hasn't created an Icon and ideally I would like it to load at the same time as FSX so that I only have to press the FSX Icon.


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    It loads automatically when FSX starts, it's a so called DLL.

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    Cheers. I was worried that after powering down I would not be able to find it again. This is a better piece of software than the alternatives that I have tried. All I need now are a few glass cockpit panels :-)

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    Not so much glass cockpit indeed. We want to make more... But it takes so much time.

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    I have Air manager on IPad connected to my PC. It was working fine with both FSX SE and XPlane11. Today when I started FSX a dll error message pop up giving Path file Air Manager.dll then ask if I want to run it, when I do FSX crush. I tried it with XPlane 11 and it is working.
    Please help!

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