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Thread: FS 2000 & Windows 10

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    Default FS 2000 & Windows 10

    anybody else having a problem with running FS2000 on Windows 10? Mine won't run

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    I would not expect any 15 year old program to run on anything these days.
    Wait for an FSX-SE sale on Steam and update for 5 bucks.

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    FS95 and ProPilot 99 works fine in W10, only FS98 and FS2000 does not.

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    jason2255 Guest


    it was worked fine for me in win 10

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    Have you tried running the program in compatibility mode and as an administrator.

    Locate the FS2000.exe file, right click on it and select properties from the menu list. On the properties window click on the Compatibility tab. In the Compatibility mode section place a tick in the box next to the Run this program in compatibility mode for statement and then use the drop down menu below it to select a different windows version - I suggest trying Win XP (SP3) mode first, if that resolves the issue great, if not try one of the others.

    Under the Settings section place a tick in the box next to the Run this program as an administrator statement. Click on the Apply button to accept the changes and then test.

    It should also be possible to make these changes via the FS2000 desktop shortcut if present.


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    The only way it MIGHT run is to reinstall it in the root directory through custom install, i.e. C:\FS2000, then run it as longbreak754 suggested.

    I had to install FS2004 in that manner to get it to run under Windows 10.

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    I was trying to get FS2000 Pro Edition to run in Windows 7. I installed on my D:\ drive. I tried everything I could think of including the compatibility settings you guys suggested. NOTHING worked so I just uninstalled it.

    Anybody got it working on Win 7 I'd like to know how.
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    Hi there,

    I had the same problem trying to run Flight Sim 98 properly, in Windows 7 64 bit it wouldn't. So what i had to do in the end, is use either Windows Virtual PC, or VMware Workstation and run an older Version of Windows in my case Windows 98, through VMware Workstation, and install Flight Sim 98 on it, Now I can play FS98 properly perhaps you could try my method, with FS2000. Here are some links you guys may find helpful, please let me know if you need further help :-

    Best Regards

    Eddie Winch
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    How did you install the Flight Sim onto VMware? I downloaded it and I'm extremely confused?

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    Hi TisTori, Can I message you in the next few days ? I am busy at the moment. And also I need to, go back over how I did it. What your refering to. As I havn't used the VMware program since before Christmas. And can't remember exactly how I did it. Regards Eddie Winch

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