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Thread: FOR SALE | Boeing 737 NG Home Cockpit

  1. Exclamation FOR SALE | Boeing 737 NG Home Cockpit

    Hello fellow cockpit builders,

    I'm currently in the process of selling my Boeing 737 Home cockpit.
    I don't have a webpage for it, but ask me via a private message instead with your mailadress so I can send pictures!

    Located in: The Netherlands
    Price: €5000 ($5700) (negotiable)
    Shipping cost is for the buyer, I'm willing to send it abroad aslong as you pay for it and aslong as we can arrange the shipment together.

    An offer is always welcome!!!
    Questions can be aks down here, personal message or email (which can be found through the link posted above)
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    Still for sale and available for pickup or shipping!

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    Hello, is this still for sale? From the looks of it, it seems that there isn't an awfull lot of work left to get the MIP up and running? Is everything wired up?


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    There is indeed not that much work left to get the MIP and TQ up and running. I have been building again lately and I basically have a dual yoke system ready to build-in in the cockpit. Once that part is finished I will move on to the overhead, maybe I will continue finishing the cockpit to make it fly-able. But that doesn't mean it's not for sale anymore, the cockpit is STILL FOR SALE.

    I'm gonna send u a pm, because I'm not sure if u get notified for this reply...
    -edit I can't send you a pm, you have to remove some of your private messages, because that's what the error says.
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    Would you take some kind of weekly-monthly payment.
    I already have a beast computer just need like a cock-pit.

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    Please let me know if its still available. I am willing to take it also if you could send me some picture that would be great. I'll fly down there to take it.

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    Hi, Do you still have the Flight Sim for sale? I am looking to purchase it. can you get back to me.

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