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Thread: Article: Interview With John B. Loney Jr.

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    John, interesting that you chose to do both Livermore and Rio Vista, California airports-- of all the small random places. And I say that because those are both in my area and I'm familiar with them both. I'm curious what might have prompted you to choose those? Have you spent much time in, or have you lived in the San Francisco Bay Area at one point?
    Thanks for your contributions to the hobby.

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    many thanks for your very nice scenery I like the brokenstraw airport in pa I live near there and is always fun to fly from there I was hoping you would do more airports in pa like Meadville, Titusville, franklin again many thanks


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    Hi John,

    Why don't you do it work on updated scenery for a new FSX/FSXSE/P3D Fort Collins-Loveland Regional Airport, Colorado (KFNL) Scenery?


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