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Thread: Article: Interview With John B. Loney Jr.

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    Default Article: Interview With John B. Loney Jr.

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    As always- a good friend and designer- extraordinaire. Robert Lacy (bob lacy)

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    Many thanks for your excellent work on our behalf. My favorite of your works has always been the Camarillo Airport (KCMA), since it's close to my home. Amazingly detailed and accurate when it was made in 2007. Many things have changed in the intervening years...Any chance of an update? (I have access to the airport and could answer questions.) And maybe conversion to FSX?
    Thanks again.

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    In case you're still wondering, Ivanpah never came to fruition. McCarran was considerably expanded instead. Some Grand Canyon tour operators moved to Boulder City. Therefore, your Ivanpah rendition is 100 percent correct and always will be!

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    Thank you for all your contributions to flight simming. Maybe we could see in the future a fictitious airport named David "Opa Marshall International Airport.

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    There's no doubt, John, had the ability and talent to accomplish whet he starts out to do. I am a volunteer at the Dover AMC Museum at Dover A.F.B. Delaware And saw his first Dover AFB project. When we got the only C-5A in any museum at this time, One which I flew on as a Flight Engineer. I called John and asked if he could put it on our ramp.

    The Director of the Museum had gone up in one of the volunteer's P-17 and took some pictures of the ramp with all the aircraft we had at that time. I sent the picture to John, and in no time he sent what we have and more, showing the 9-11 memorial along with other items one would see if they came here to the museum. By the way it's a free museum.

    To ad frosting on the cake. John also put buildings on my field using Google Earth, because I didn't send him pictures of this place. Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised To download it. So on day's like this I can take my 1953 PA-22-135 Tri-Pacer and my 1947 Stinson 108-2 Using no gas.

    Again John. Thank you for your contribution too this site and looking forward to many more downloads.

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    I'm convinced John must sleep behind his computer based on the sheer number of airports he cranks out every year. We appreciate you, John!

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    I think John is truly dedicated to his passion for creating many great and different sceneries for the Flight Sim community. He has helped me with a personal request. He being very busy hooked me up with another truly great scenery developer Robert Lacy who made a DuPont Airport scenery in FS X they are a tribute to there love for such a great hobby.
    I can't thank you enough John Keep up the good work.

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    Thank you John for all your scenery!

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    I've exchanged emails with John a few times over the years about his FS sceneries. Its great to finally put a face to a name! Thanks, John!

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