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Thread: I've lost my water textures

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    Default I've lost my water textures

    I now have no water in oceans and lakes in fsx. I've had this happen before, and was helped on this great forum. I was instructed to replace the corrupted texture.cfg file. This immediately fixed the problem. However, this time it does not work. Any help would be much appreciated.

    BTW: after 2 months of fiddling, I've finally combined a nice ATR 72-500 with a workable and attractive 2D panel.
    Aircraft: ATR42-500 by Michael Pook

    Also working is the ATR 72-500 Danish Air Transport by Francisco Sánchez-Castañer

    Panel: Jetstream31/32 panel for FSX v1.0
    Also, the EMB 120 panel will work well.

    I am posting this because I like the ATR for small remote airports.

    Sorry. I was not able to find these on this website. Also: I am told that some panels may not work specifically on your computer. I am using Windows 8.1

    ATR 72-500 FLIGHT1 is great payware, but it is an extremely complex sim.

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    Are you using any special payware land or water textures? UTX or the likes?
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    No; I only have Orbx and Megascenery.

    The error suddenly occurred on an otherwise reasonable computer.

    But, my scenery file is slightly corrupted, with fsx reporting missing scenery, not corresponding to my scenery.cfg (very strange).


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    Quote Originally Posted by vry View Post scenery file is slightly corrupted, with fsx reporting missing scenery, not corresponding to my scenery.cfg (very strange).
    This indicates you are looking at the wrong scenery.cfg.

    You will probably find at least three copies on your computer, the only one that FSX uses is in C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX

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    Open your Orbx FTX Central. Uncheck and then recheck Hybrid Mode.

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    Thanks for this hint. I have done this, & the computer is much faster. It does however seem that I have to re-install some or all of my Orbx scenery.

    Finally: beware: Orbx always allows itself to spy on your G-Mail. Merely get in to GMail preferences, and uncheck this.

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    The bottom line is that the water textures are still not fixed. I plan to reinstall FSX this weekend. For me, this is a week's work.

    Thanks everyone.

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