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Thread: Mouse scroll wheel not working properly

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    I understand not all gauges are clickable, but I've tried multiple a/c with different panels and no results. I use the Razer Deathadder for a mouse and the Razer Firefly as a mouse pad, both are USB powered which should dissipate any sort of static build up.
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    So I figured through some trial that the scroll function works while the window is out of full screen, everything behaves like it is supposed to, then once the game is sent to full screen again it seems to disable the scroll wheel function.

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    I hate to resurrect this old thread but I've been having this issue for days and have finally found a fix that worked for me. It was so simple, I almost kicked myself. My new instal of FSX wasn't running in Compatibility Mode. Soon as I changed it to Windows XP (Service Pack 2) my mouse wheel started working as normal to zoom and use knobs and switches. I just let the Compatibility Mode wizard do it's thing, and that's the one it picked. I'd reccomend litting your wizard do the same as your setting might be different with your computer.

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    I also have the same problem, but it only dosen't work in 2d panel view. It works in virtual cockpit and the space + scroll wheel can still change the zoom using the scroll wheel.

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