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Thread: Extreme Landings Joystick Malfunction

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    I downloaded Extreme Landings a year or so ago and it sort of worked. I could use the joystick to change elevation and engine speed. The first window that opens when opening the program offers resolution options and a tab for input options -- the latter is supposed to allow you to edit the input settings, but it has never allowed me to edit them. Now with the latest update, and the latest Mac OS, the joystick setting edit function still doesn't work, but now also, mouse clicks on key levers knobs and buttons on the screen result in instant jumps to a new screen instead of activating the function that was selected with the mouse click. (Brakes, autopilot, landing gear, cargo doors....) The game is unplayable. How do I fix this?

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    I just downloaded this software too and I'm experiencing similar issues with my Logitech Extreme 3D Pro joystick. The program doesn't "Launch Window" or respond to the "alt" command to allow me to change the joystick settings. And much like you described above, the setting edit function will not allow you to make edits. I can only control the software by using the keyboard and mouse; which is not very useful. I really like this format and graphics. It appeared to be more user friendly than X-Plane, at the onset. I've written to the Extreme Landing's Support Techs and I'm waiting for a reply back. If I learn anything, I'll provide a follow-up. Thanks for your post!

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