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Thread: FSX Stretch 3 monitors?

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    Default FSX Stretch 3 monitors?

    I'm having some difficulties and would like any guidance if any. I have been into FSX for a while and just got my first gaming rig with a Gforce 970 video card. I have set up "Surround" for the 3 monitors. When trying to zoom out on any airplane, I do not get the amount of zoom then on one screen. I have tried the "aspect ratio = True" in FSX.gfe. and that has not worked. It seems to stretch the image when enlarged to the 3 screens. Any ideas?

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    Welcome Mike!

    Been There Still Doing That! I've never been happy with the stretch monitor scenario. I usually fly in 2d with the center monitor straight 2d mode and use thew W key to go through the steps of view.

    I select "New View" for the left monitor and select "Left Wing." I then rotate the wing view so the scene on the edge of the left side of my center monitor is the right edge of what I see on the left monitor. Then I do the same thing on the right monitor with the "New View" and "Right Wing."

    This format looks a little funky while taxiing or at very low altitude but most of the time you have a pretty good wrap around view while flying. And even while going through various views on the center monitor you still see the side view unchanged.

    Sound like a pain to set up? Well yes, especially till you get used to doing it. However, I avoid most of the hassle be by once I get all three views right, I just name that flight and select it as my default flight. Every time I fire FSX up, it goes to that default and then I just have to change the location. The views almost always stay just as I fixed them.

    To me the secret is to set the views up so the horizon is level and the views continue off each side WHILE FLYING. As I said, it can look a little funky on the ground but it looks great from the air. I can't find a way yet to make a decent screenshot of my format yet. However, this is what it looks like from a camera's photo shot.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Got my views stretched out over three 40inch screens.. Great!


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    You mean the "WideViewAspect=True"? It does work, but it is still fish-eyed/stretched. This is just how FSX does things. There is software to get around this stretching (for example Prepp3d for P3D) but I never tried that. My personal solution: zoom IN to 1.00-1.10 and use TrackIR + EZDOK. The high zoom reduces the stretching and TIR+EZCA enable me to look around at the parts that I cannot see. Works pretty well once I got used to it.

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    Default 3 monitors stretch

    Quote Originally Posted by bigcav View Post

    Got my views stretched out over three 40inch screens.. Great!

    Bigcav, could you send me a pick of virtual cockpit with your triplehead? I want to see how it looks on 30% zoom before I spend $300. I would really appreciate it.

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