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Thread: CSF3 Messerschmitt Me 163B by BorekS, gecko and Co. RELEASED

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    Default CSF3 Messerschmitt Me 163B by BorekS, gecko and Co. RELEASED

    hi to all,
    I would like to announce after 14 years of various development brakes and restarts the regular Combat Flight Simulator III (CFS3) add-on has been finished and released public finally

    more about here:

    Tibor Stilz (BorekS) – 3D Models and Textures
    Steve Seybolt – 3D Damage Modeling Assistance
    Daniel Holtz – Flight Model, Sounds and Effects
    Jon Pratt and Foo Fighter – Original Me 163 Flight Model
    Roy Holmes and mgh at – Incredibly valuable help from these guys helping us trick CFS3 into getting a turbine engine to behave like a rocket engine.
    Gary Jones – Fuel Turbine Sound
    Guy "fox" Greenberg – Various Effect Textures

    A complete package with all effects, sounds, weapons, and all other dependent files included. It can be installed into stock CFS3 or any of the expansions and is compatible with Ankor's shaders. This is the basic package. A future release will add increased functionality with Ankor's shaders.

    Included are
    Me 163B-0 (two skins)
    Me 163B-1a (ten skins)
    AI-Only versions of all skins in powered and unpowered configurations
    Low Poly B-17G for use in mass formations (two versions, one with contrail effect, and one without)

    BorekS and team

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