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Thread: Really Strange Slewing Problem

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    Default Really Strange Slewing Problem

    After installing and setting up a new CH Pro Yoke to replace my old one which only had a throttle slider (did not have prop or mixture control) my slewing function got weird. Now whenever I hit 'Y" on the keyboard to move the plane around on the ground, the plane immediately begins to spin quickly ccw. If I hit "5" on the keyboard or move either rudder pedal the spinning abruptly stops and I can proceed with normal slewing. This is after calibrating the yoke and pedals and no control surfaces are deflected. The rudder trim is centered. When I disable the joysticks all is well. What the heck?
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    Hit Ctrl = K before Y, the problem is with your stick/yoke. De-activates it. When you have finished slewing hit Ctrl = K again to re-activate your stick/yoke. Remember to keep the sky up and the land/water down.

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    That's an acceptable workaround but there should be a way to fix it so that slewing works like it used to.
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    if the plane spins in slew the rudder is not centred. (rudder deflection causes spin)

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    Just look under settings / assignments... click on slew mode first, then select the yoke. Delete the unnecessary assignment that is causing it to spin and all will be good.
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