Would be great if the textures of the fighter planes were matt like in strike fighters, the strange texture on the su-47 and F-22 with the glossy outer surface is strange. And also the cockpits in some planes other than the F-18 have the F-18 cockpit texts which doesn't fit. The small details in the strike fighters game like the different missiles behaving differently, opening closing bomb bays, lot's of different types of missiles, minor variants, the different liveries, flares being limited and realistic and that different ECM and stealth capability is what makes the game great, it would be great if "Air fighters" could have these wonderful small details. I would love to see the planes of the Su-27 family, especially the Su-30SM, Su-34 and the Su-35S(s) that are part of the Russian campaign in Syria. And that there are more types of Mig-29 and F-35. I have never seen the Mig-21-2000 and Mig-21-97 in any flight simulator or game, I would love to see that change because of Rortos. With the F-22 comes competition The PAK-FA, (S-32) and J-20 would certainly do. The Eurofighter Typhoon was already part of "Carrier Landings" But it would be splendid to see the EF-2000 in action serving all it's users. To diversify missions with more ground attack focused aircraft like the A-10, Su-39 (Su-25family) and F-111 aircraft with bombing capability would certainly make the game more interesting. The Range of the radar and the how advanced the avionics are should also play a more decisive role, with the ability to conduct long rage aircraft interception with Mig-31M and F-15 aircraft will certainly diversify the roles you can have. And eventually it would be great if I was able to create custom liveries with roundels and bort number of choice, and the ability to shoot down all planes that are now only available for use by player.