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Thread: Problem installing AIcarriers2 to FSX Steam

  1. Default Problem installing AIcarriers2 to FSX Steam

    I need some help. I recently installed AIcarriers2 to FSX SP2 with no problems. I used it and loved it. Yesterday, I downloaded FSX Steam. Today, I tried to install AIcarriers2 to FSX Steam but I don't get the "Add On" menu item next to "Help" so I can't place the carriers. I uninstalled AIcarriers2 in FSX SP2 thinking this could be the problem. No luck. Then I uninstalled AIcarriers2 in FSX Steam and reinstalled AI carriers in FSX Steam. Still no luck. All these installations were with the automatic installation. There is a manual installation for when there are problems. It involves manually copying the AIcarriers2 files and then editing the EXE.xml file with the correct file location and filename to use at startup. I'd try that method, but I'm not sure about where to edit EXE.xml and the instructions provided are minimal. Can anybody help? Is it possible that AIcarriers2 is not compatible with FSX Steam?

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    Firstly, I an not sure from your post if you are a aware of the location that the .xml file is stored so here are the details - In FSX SP2, the exe.xml file will be located in C:\Users\<YourAccount Name>Appdata\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX\ - along with other default FSX files such as the FSX.cfg file. Also note that there may be a file called dll.xml located here - more of which later.

    I don't have FSX-SE but my understanding is that if you have both FSX and FSX-SE installed the SE files will be installed in the same location but under a different folder name - ie at C:\Users\<YourAccount Name>Appdata\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX-SE. If there are no similair default entries there then they may well be buried in a steam specific directory, most commonly found at C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\steam\steamapps\common\<Appfoldername>.

    A simple solution might be to install into FSX SP2 again - this will give you a copy of the .xml file. Then do a manual install into FSX-SE, copy the .xml from SP2 to SE and then edit it to reflect the SE location. It is worth noting that when you run the auto-installer it does specifically ask if you want to create an .exe.xml file - the box is unchecked by default so must be checked. Also, once the install is complete you can view the details of where it has installed items - so that can give you a pointer as to where it has created the .xml file.

    The .xml file can be edited in notepad. If there is no .xml present you can create one by simply creating a new text document and naming it exe.xml. This is what the contents of the exe.xml should look like:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="Windows-1252"?>
    <SimBase.Document Type="Launch" version="1,0">


    <Path>D:\Addon Scenery\AI Shipping\AICarriersV2\aicarriers.exe</Path>



    In the example the items in BLACK are the basic file commands and should be present only once. The actual commands that are required to allow AICarriers (or any other addon that requires use of a .exe.xml type file) to work are in BLUE/RED and there can be multiple entries for each individual add-on. The lines in blue are common to most addons - those in red are the specific to the addon. The <Name> entry is what is displayed in the Add-on menu and the <Path> entry is the same as the location that the main AIcarriers folder and .exe file are located.

    WRT the dll.xml file – if you have installed any other addons, for example the FSX SDK package, FSUIPC and other (mainly payware) addons, it may already be there. Basicially, the dll.xml is another name for (and does the same thing as the exe.xml does) and is the more commonly accepted file name used by developers. The contents of the dll.xml is exactly the same as those in the exe.xml. If one is present in FSX SP2 or FSX-SE you could simply cut and paste the BLUE/RED lines into the dll.xml file.
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    I think for steam there is:

    (and aicarriers.exe may not work, but not sure on that.)
    user PhantomTweak knows more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by il88pp View Post
    I think for steam there is:

    (and aicarriers.exe may not work, but not sure on that.)
    user PhantomTweak knows more.
    I agree! But he lives in Oregon and may not be on yet. HEY PAT WAKE UP GOT A QUESTION FOR YOU!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rupert View Post
    I agree! But he lives in Oregon and may not be on yet. HEY PAT WAKE UP GOT A QUESTION FOR YOU!!
    He's probably out choppin' wood or shooting a beaver for breakfast!
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    Found Pat explaining more. Here, post #10.

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    Huhuh?? wha..???
    GAH!! COFFEE!!!! [/slurp!]

    Ahem...where was I? Ahhh yes.

    For SE you need the latest version of AICairriers.NET, not the older, originally written, AiCarriers.exe.
    AiCarriers.NET (which is how the author, a Mr. Orion Lau, prefers it to be written to differentiate the two, the capitalized NET part...) is readily available over on the FS Dream Team forums, or just do a Google for it and there are a number of places you can DL the zip file.
    I can probably find a link for you if you want it. Once I wake up...

    EDIT: Found it. Follow THIS LINK.

    There is also a link to .NET Framework v4, which it requires, in the same post that contains the AICarriers.NET download. Very simple, just DL and install it with it's included installer. Although i mistrust autoinstallers, personally, this one actually works properly.
    You can install AICarriers anywhere you like, as long as the EXE.xml file has the correct path to where it is.
    Most of the FSX carrier downloads include config files so they can be included in AICarriers.NET, and show up in the menu in the game. Just place them in the conf.d folder in the AICarriers main folder.

    Mr. Brian, I believe, pretty much covered the EXE.XML file situation. AICarriers.NET comes with an example EXE.xml file entry in the zipfile, so all you need to do is cut-n-paste it into your EXE.xml file.

    Mr. Orion (which is his FSDT forum user name) also wrote a dandy little program called vLSO. It makes an AI LSO on whatever carrier you're landing on. They will talk you down, and, as LSO's are prone to doing, be very strict about your grade for the pass. IMO, and this is just me, they are nit-picking, arrogant, jerks. In other words, he truely captured the essence of the LSO. Yeah, I've known a few...

    SO: AICarriers.NET, and vLSLO, and you've got a truly realistic carrier landing experience. To make it even better, make sure that once you've placed the carrier (Or task force, if you prefer) on the ocean where you want it, tell it to go FORWARD, on the AIShips menu in the Sim. This will make the carrier move forward at 25Kts, but this can be edited in the aicarriers.cfg file, should you desire.

    If you want the icing on the cake, once you have the carrier's BRC (place the boat then check the HUD control panel Nav1 Drectional dial's indicator window. It will display the carrier's BRC, if you are utilizing the HUD from Mr. Rusev) go to you Weather settings, and set the winds to about 15-20 kts on the BRC. This will give you THE most realistic experienc possible, since most planes require a specific WOD (Wind Over the Deck) value to land. When you place the boat, it's BRC will be the course the plane was on when you placed it. You can tell the boat to turn to port or starbord by 10° or 90°, should you desire.

    For THE very best carrier bird available for FSX today, bar none, also DL and install the latest (v15.6) F/A-18C package from "Jimi" Hendricks. It's also available on the forums, IN THIS THREAD RESPONSE in his thread. Mr. Orion also helped programming the instruments and FCS, which is as close as the Sim can come to the real-world Hornet's FCS. So far. Not even payware is better.It's HUD is the one I referenced earlier, icluded in the package as the default HUD (with a few (dozen)) improvements.
    Jimi, Orion, and a number of other very nice individuals were instrumental in developing the Hornet included in the FSX Acceleration package. Jimi is the XO of the FSDT FSX Blue Angels demo team. Great guys, and amazingly good Hornet drivers. Of course, some of the team ARE real-world Hornet pilots, sooo...

    If you want, and you should, there are a few vLSO compatible sceneries, for doing FCLPs, as the Navy does. No pilot flies to the boat until they have, literally, a few hundred FCLP bounces. They are all shown on Orion's vLSO website, along with vLSO, naturally, which may be found by clicking his signature in the forums.

    Finally, if you want it, I have the address of a PDF download of the real F/A-18C's NATOPS manual, which is what Jimi and Orion are using for reference materiel. A TON of useful info for Hornet drivers, oddly enough The real world one's are expected to be intimately familiar with it, and to have several portions memorized.

    Does all this answer your questions? As usual, ask me the time, I tell ya how to build a clock...
    Now, I have a brain-cramp. TOO much blood in my coffee system!

    Had a thought...then there was the smell of something burning, and sparks, and then a big fire, and then the lights went out! I guess I better not do that again!
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    Hey Pat. Hard night!!?? I downloaded the LPHS from the site you suggested. Only one problem, where in the world are they? Are they listed as airports by name or number? As you can tell, I'm not really up on aircraft carriers except the one from San Diego to San Francisco.
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    Thanks everybody! Your help was right on target. I installed AiCarriers.NET vice AiCarriers.exe and bingo - the "Add Ons" button was on the title ribbon again with no problems. I guess FSX SE just didn't like the Java version. Also, thanks for the other add-on ideas such as vLSLO.

    One more question, if I might, "Do you have to turn off "Crash/Object Damage?" Maybe it's me, but every landing is a crash without it - even touchdowns at -300' VVI, 140 knots and +5 AOA. I was pretty damn proud of myself until I went boom and saw the flames. Any "work arounds"? I'm using the Nimitz and Patuxent add-on carriers from Javier Fernandez. I'd like to crash if I really crash. You know what I mean?

    Thanks again.


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    You need to turn the Crash Sensitivity down to about 50%. THAT way it will detect real crashes, but not consider a carrier landing a crash.
    May I ask which plane you're flying?
    If it's the FSXBA Hornet, when you put the gear and flaps down in the break, you should set the trim +8.1°, as displayed on hte HUD. Little numbers below the VS box over on the right hand side. It only shows for 5 seconds, unless you are changing it, so pay attention! And make sure to use the AOA indicator, and your airspeed should be about 135 (at 33000lbs aircraft weight), with about a 700FPM sink.
    If you set the HUD Control panel switchology right, you will have ILS needles for the carrier, presuming you put the proper frequency in the ILS or TCN setting of the bird's radios.
    The Nimitz, from Javier is 111.00 (47X). If it's not the Nimitz, try 112.00, 113.00 etc (see the pattern? ) until you see it on the HUD. The steering arrow will pop up, and the ship's BRC will be in the NAV1 Heading Select display window, on the HUD Control Panel. If you have the ILS selected, the needles will pop up when you are within 5° of the landing course.
    Remember that the deck is about 8° off the ship's BRC, so aim for the "crotch" if the boat is moving, then straighten up at the "in-close", just before the "burble".
    Hope all that helps a little

    Only one problem, where in the world are they?
    If those are the static boats, with their own ILS or TACAN or whatever, there is one off Newport Or., and other is off of Pensacola Fl.
    Remember that the static ships are a scenery object, not like the moving carriers in AICarriers. And yes, I believe they are in the Airports selection screen, and in the GPS.
    I would have to look at them again, it's been a while! IIRC, you could see them both easily from about 500'MSL over either airport.
    Does that help at all?


    Had a thought...then there was the smell of something burning, and sparks, and then a big fire, and then the lights went out! I guess I better not do that again!
    Sgt, USMC, 10 years proud service, Inactive reserve now

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