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Thread: airfighters pro: the ils system isn't great like the one in carrier landing.

  1. Default airfighters pro: the ils system isn't great like the one in carrier landing.

    Is there an updated ils for airfighters? Please respond

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    You will have to contact them at because they don't respond here.

    Verzonden vanaf mijn iPad met Tapatalk

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    Thanx much.

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    No problem. I asked it, they responded saying:

    Hi Daniel,
    Thank you very much for writing and for your useful feedbacks.

    We will consider your recommendations.
    We are working on improvements, please stay tuned with us for updates and new games.

    I hope they are going to update it because last update was October 2014. And it's not really nice to just leave customers with an app that never updates, even though they paid for it...

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    Thank u Daniel! I really appreciate the information u gave me

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    That's the cookie-cutter response I get with all my emails to RORTOS. But, when I asked about this, I did get a personal response, so that made me feel better.

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