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Thread: Rortos. Carrier Landings. How to verticaly fly F35b Lightning jet?

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    Default Rortos. Carrier Landings. How to verticaly fly F35b Lightning jet?

    Hi. How does one do this? I am not able to hover forward or backwards?
    Is there a FAQ somewhere for questions about this simulater/game.
    Thanks in advance!
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    Sorry for this late reaction. You might have figured it out already, but whatever. What you want to do is try it first on an airport, not a carrier. Hit the button above the throttle, which will toggle vertical/forward thrust. Then, higher the throttle. You will be lifted upwards. IMPORTANT: Do not hit the button again to go forward again if you have no speed. This will make you stall. Instead, go up to the desired height and tilt your device away from you. This will get you some speed. Wait till you go around 170 knots and then press the button above the throttle. Forward thrust will now be activated and you can fly normal.

    If you're used to it, you can try from a carrier. You must first press the blue button, then when in the air, immediately activate the vertical thrust. Then follow the same procedure again.

    I don't know about a FAQ about the game, but you could always send them an email at by going to the support page.

    I might create a Wiki on it too, but I need people to help out.

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