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    This is a copy of my second go-around trying to make FSX-SE to work. I'm glad that I did not delete FSX-DVD. Does anyone have any advice, other than getting rid of Steam?
    hanks in advance:
    Jim Elder

    1 Message by you on Thu, Nov 12 2015 21:59
    I've spent two evenings trying to access fsx-se. This waste of time is for a program for which I paid $7.95. I had a similar problem when I first set up the problem. Steam doesn't like any password I update. I had to struggle to get this far. (over 4 hours of my time for a $7.95 program. I'm not trying to rob Fort Knox, just have a program I paid for work. Your sites are so secure that your honest customers cannot use them. I read PC Pilot, and participate in several forums that discuss Steam. If I do not get a non-mechanical response within a day, I'll share this letter with them. You flatter yourselves by thinking that your program is worth several hours of my time. I need a working program, not more passwords and logins. Please respond.
    Jim Elder

    Next Step:

    If your account is locked or you suspect it is stolen, we’ll need to verify that you’re the original account owner:

    Providing Proof of Ownership

    For all other questions, you may be able to resolve the issue yourself by searching the FAQs on our Support site:

    We thank you for your patience, and will help as soon as possible.

    2 Message by you on Thu, Nov 12 2015 22:00
    In my letter I outlined how I will share my experiences with Steam with forums and magazines. You'll get the attention you deserve.
    Jim Elder

    3 Message by Support Tech Kel on Fri, Nov 13 2015 21:13
    Hello Jim,

    Thank you for contacting Steam Support.

    We have reset your account password and sent the new login information to the email address associated with this support account. If you do not receive the e-mail, please check your spam or trash folder.

    Note: The new password consists of all numbers.

    As a security precaution, your account will be unable to trade or use the Community Market for a period of time after a Steam Support assisted password reset.

    4 Message by you on Fri, Nov 13 2015 21:58
    I tried it. It did not work I have spent three evenings arguing with your system. I'm going to send this thread to some FSX groups and see if they have any advice.. You have cluttered my email with 16 messages in the last 3 days. None of them helped. By the way, I am a 68 year old flight sim fan. Not a hacker trying to break in to your system to steal a $7.95 program. If you want to keep your customers, please don't thumb your nose at them.

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    I suggest you go to Prepar3d version 3.. they are good for support and the sim is under constant updates....textures are great....but keep Steam and in your spare time you can fiddle with it if you so v I still use FSX Gold and Prepar3d..almost all the time.

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    Never had a problem logging in to steam when I use the correct credentials. And I have used Steam on and off since it first started. Steam is straight forward to use, and not that different from Xbox Live or PSN when it comes to security.

    PS; They are not worried about you stealing stuff. The security is so that someone else does not steal YOUR stuff by compromising your account and taking control of the login details. Which is extremely common these days with phishing attacks rife across the globe.

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    I've been using Steam off and on since January of 2015. I paid $5.00 for it at the time, and have never had a bit of trouble logging in.
    Maybe your antivirus or firewall is blocking somehow? I know I have mine set to totally ignore all things Steam...
    Have you tried a virus scan, defrag, clean-up, etc etc on your drive? Have you checked the Task Manager to see if maybe you have a copy running but not showing, preventing you from logging in, again?
    Do you have the FSDT AICairriers, GSX, Add-on manager, etc maybe left running, stopping it from running again? It happens to me sometimes.

    Just trying to think of possibilities. Not easy this time of day (for my pea-brain. Too much blood in my coffee system).

    Had a thought...then there was the smell of something burning, and sparks, and then a big fire, and then the lights went out! I guess I better not do that again!
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    If they sent you a new password, and it doesn't work, maybe you are not using the correct login name.

    This is not the steam forum, so we can't help you with your login ourselves.

    I would say, make sure you do the login steps correctly.
    Tell them exactly what steps you take when trying to login with the new password. And at what point it goes wrong.

    If you just attack them, and make threats, you are not actually asking for help, and not explaining. So that way you give them no option of helping you personally.

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    My advice - take some typing lessons and be able to discern "l" from "1". First is the letter L lower case; second one is, indeed, the number 1.

    Hundreds of thousands of people use Steam every day with no problems.

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    You don't log into FSX. You log into steam. I've gone thru this a few times when I change computers. Now, when Steam does not recognize your computer they will send you a code to submit thru your email. If you close anything before you get the code, Steam will not accept it. You have to keep all windows open. Don't touch anything. It may take ten or fifteen minutes. When the email comes in then submit the code. You then should be good to go. Hope this helps.
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    Again, like the others - never had a problem with steam, very easy and straight forward. Make sure you are using the correct logon Identity and password and you are in - nothing special or complicated . However if you continually mistype your password it will trigger an account lock out as will any semi-security conscious system. Once locked , you need to go through their account recovery process.

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    Yours seems to be the best reply. It seems that steam's support is strictly mechanical. How much security is needed for a $7.49 program. It's now 11/20/15 and no constructive response from steam. Prepar3d is next.

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