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Thread: Baron 58 Set Questions

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    Default Baron 58 Set Questions

    First off, @LNRalph, thanks for kicking out an awesome package. I watched a quick video, followed directions, and was up and running in no time.

    I started to build a copy of the Baron 58 gauge set when I found you already had one. Had a couple of questions based solely on the one flight I did with them:

    Easiest one first - Can I change the call sign on the stock call sign label?
    OAT Meter - Easy way to change to Fahrenheit for those of us still stuck in the old ways?
    EGT Seems to peg out quickly, making manual mixture adjustment a bit of guesswork. Do I have a setting wrong? I'm sure I'm not the first one to get this.

    I love the package so far. It was exactly what I needed since I don't have any iPads and most of the similar programs seem to be written for those. But I do have a Yoga that I use for work and that works perfect for the main panel, and then I'll set up another Thinkpad as the Radio Stack.

    Wondering if there are plans for an Android version...I think I can get some of those tablets pretty cheap-ish.

    Thanks again!

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    Hi Roman,

    Thank you for your kind words. But it's not only me There's 5 of us.

    Calsign: I'll make it so you can change it by changing the text in the code, somewhere next week hopefully.
    OAT: You could convert the value in Celsius to Fahrenheit: C * (1.8) + 32
    But you'll have to change the degrees Celsius sign with some kind of graphics software I think, because that's probably integrated in the image.
    EGT: You can change the scale. EGT is a dificult one to make a gauge for, because it's different between flight sims, it's different between aircraft and it's even different between similar aircraft from different makers. So it's really something you'll have to fiddle with.

    We hope to release an Android version next year. Most of the time has gone into building the 'library' that runs the instruments. This is now done, so getting it to Android should take less time.

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    Excellent, thanks! And apologies and gratitude to the other four members of the team. Having a great time with this and appreciate the efforts.

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    I have uploaded a new version of the callsign label, you can now edit the callsign in the code.

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    Default OAT Temp Fix Baron58

    Ok, so I'm totally not a 'code guy', but I think I have it figured out. Again, I really love this program and enjoy that it's open enough for us to get in and monkey with things.

    On the OAT, I found this:

    img_ice = img_add("oat_ice_warn.png",105,26,50,50)
    img_visible(img_ice, false)

    I had a friend change the backdrop to degrees F, and then uploaded that to the same folder. She saved it as a .jpg, though, so I had to change the first line to fix that. The backdrop is here, if anyone wants it.

    Name:  oat_backdrop.jpg
Views: 21970
Size:  56.6 KB

    Next, I saw this part...which explained why the Ice Warn light was always on:

    function PT_oat(temp)

    t = var_round(temp,0)
    txt_set(mytext1, string.format("%02d",t) )
    txt_set(mytext2, string.format("%02d",t) )

    if t > 0 then
    img_visible(img_ice, true)
    img_visible(img_ice, false)

    I changed "if t > 0 then" to "if t < 32 then"

    And finally, I saw this part at the end:

    fsx_variable_subscribe("AMBIENT TEMPERATURE", "Celsius", PT_oat)

    I rolled the dice and tried just switching the variable to the following, and it math needed:

    fsx_variable_subscribe("AMBIENT TEMPERATURE", "Farenheit", PT_oat)

    I'm having trouble with the math on the EGT, but I'll put that in a different post. But thought folks might find the above useful.


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    Unfortunately there's no dataref or variable for the icing warning light. I'm not really sure which conditions are normally used to trigger the icing warning. There's graphs that show the risk for carburetor icing, but I'm not sure if that's what we're after.

    Anyways, you did some good work there! If it's for FSX than you can indeed just use a different unit, that's an advantage of FSX and P3D. For X-Plane you have to use a different dataref: sim/cockpit2/temperature/outside_air_temp_degf

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