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Thread: Couple of issues with AM

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    Default Couple of issues with AM

    I just set up AM running on the same computer as Prepar3d. I notice a couple of things. One the frame rate seems to be 5-10 fps lower than I was getting without AM. Would running AM on a second computer fix this? Second thing is that my tach is running about 500 rpm less than what shows on the screen in Prepar3d. Any ideas on this? Thanks in advance for the help.

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    Air Manager is rendered by the GPU, so it can indeed have some impact on the framerate. It depends on the amount of instruments you're running and the complexity of the instrument(s). Running the instruments on a second computer would solve this.

    Are you using an add-on aircraft like A2A?

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    Yes I am running the A2A C172. I have a 980ti video card so even with the small drop I can manage with that. The RPM being off is concerning though. I restarted the computer/AM several times and the RPM is never right. It might be as much as 500 or as little as 100 off. All the other gauges seem spot on. I am using the default C172 tach that you can get online with AM.

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    No suggestions?

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    Hi Shannan - I posted something similar to you here - The A2A aircraft are fantastic. Part of the reason they are so good is that they add in a lot of their own programming on top of the default and this makes it tricky to match them to hardware or external gauges. I believe the rpm gauge uses an Lvar rather than the default variable. If you have a look here you'll see what the issue is -
    I am hoping that once Air Manager can link gauges to Lvars then it should be possible to get gauges that reflect the same values that the A2A aircraft is showing. It looks like Lvars will be available in Air Manager soon if you look at the post "Lvar support for FSX & P3D" in this forum.
    Rich Cooke

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    It's fixed with LVAR's. Sorry for the late and short reply. We're at the FS Weekend show, we hardly have time to eat and drink I'll come back to this soon.

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