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Thread: FSX & FSX-SE together

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    Default FSX & FSX-SE together

    I have FSX installed on my SSD with plenty of addons. I want to install Steam as well with a few addons, PMDG, FSDreamteam, etc. Is ok to install on the same drive? What's the best setup with dual sims?

    I'm happy with FSX. I just built a new system and wanted to try out FSX-SE to see if there are any advantages.


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    I have FSX, FSX-SE and P3D on the same SSD. No known issues or conflicts. MOST scenery can be shared; Orbx and most payware aircraft must be installed separately in each -- sad waste of resources.

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    Here's the info on dual install FSX-SE (Steam) and FSX Box editions. Including all the paths that will be created.
    From fsrijnmond.

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    This is an old thread.

    It seems this link went dead. Here's the new location of that guide.

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