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Thread: Airbus A320 Flight Procedures

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    Default Airbus A320 Flight Procedures

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    Early pivot, over-revolution and exorbitant pitch rate or any mix might all bring about a tail strike. In the case of a tail strike a quick come back to land ought to be considered.

    Utilize the rudder pedals to guide the A/C once you adjusted to the runway focus line. The Nose wheel controlling impact of rudder dislodging lessens with expanded velocity and at 130 kts rudder control is absolutely streamlined.

    If there should be an occurrence of low perceivability take off visual signs are the essential intends to track the runway focus line. On the off chance that there is a dynamic Localiser for the flight runway, the PFD yaw bar recreates the LOC and gives help with instance of haze patches. The FMA annunciation RWY is affirmation of LOC gathering for this capacity.

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