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Thread: Fsx Se problems in windows 10

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    Long time lurker first time poster here. I've been running fsx se on 8.1 for a while now. Just upgraded to windows 10 and I'm having a few issues. I read through the other threads on this and can't find anyone having the same issue as myself. The sim runs great until you want to end a mission or free flight. Anytime you press ESC the monitor goes black with only a mouse pointer and will not return to the sim. It also does this if you try and open the map page during flight. Any suggestions? I've reinstalled fsx and updated my graphics drivers but no luck so far.

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    Are you in full-screen, or windowed mode? I am having the same problem in full-screen, but switching to windowed (ALT+ENTER) makes it work properly. Just WHY I haven't a clue, but that's the way it is on mine (FSX-SE).

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    Make sure all programs running along side FSX are closed first before closing FSX.


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    Ok runs great in windowed mode, any ideas on a fix? Thanks for help!

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