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Thread: Error code fs04 windows 10

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phil2 View Post you want to allow changes from an unknown publisher to make changes to your pc

    Glad your back flying.

    RE unknown publisher messages - these type of messages are merely informing you that a new object has been added to the sim and that the sim is asking if you trust it.. They are mainly associated with gauges that are installed when you add a new aircraft to the sim and, whilst mainly associated with payware products some freeware products may also have some. Some products will only display a single message whilst others may display multiple messages one after the other when you click yes or no.

    If you do trust it answer yes and a entry will be placed in the fs9.cfg under the [Trusted] section and you will no longer get the message. If you answer no then every time you load the particular aircraft that uses the object you will get the message


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    All working 100%/ Thank you.
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