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Thread: Article: Interview With Roger Wensley

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    Roger, perhaps you remember me. I created and worked with you on suggestions regarding conflicts with PANC scenery a few years ago. While still flying (FS2004) I have never found any good free scenery for CYOW. I understand there is a good PAY one, but have not looked into it. I was wondering why you never took on this scenery challenge as you create beautiful work and I know CYOW would be beautiful as well. Any comments or suggestions?
    Steve Korin, [email protected] , Dix Hills, LI, NY, USA

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    Hi Roger, Tonight, today recently I already on post for Forum then Scenery Design on post right now. I got it for that you been designed it FS2004 Scenery--Cold Bay. I would like to call you please reading it on my post about its. Thanks


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    Hello Sir, thank you for your achievements, I'm French and I had the opportunity to make a flight at the aerodrome Lachute, I continue to fly "virtually" in Quebec, and I'll just have a question: you're several creators of scenes for FS2004, and I am surprised that none of you have made a scene at this airfield Lachute, is there any reason for that? thank you in advance, Pier

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    As time goes by, I've realised what an epic job Roger has done, with his hundreds of add-on sceneries.

    Thanks for still supporting FS2004, Roger. It's really appreciated.

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    Default GPS when i open

    [QUOTE=Mike Sala;2035160]I love all those sceneries. They are really excelent. But I have always the same problem when I use them. When I open the gps window, the scenery crashes and close flght sim. Anyway, I think Mr. Wensley's work is amazing.[/QUOTE

    They are excellent to the point till i open GPS in areas of his scenery addons, Never had this issue before installing his scenery, When I open the GPS window, the flight sim scenery in his work area crashes TO DESKTOP and closes flight sim. i never had this issue before i started using Rogers scenery for FS2004 now away and out of Alaska, BC Canada and east Canada all bad crashes...happy to hear that others are having this same issue, Anybody find the issue/issues the file that crashes the sim using the GPS? maybe he is involved in a crime to cause are FS2004 to just give it up and buy Microsofts new flight sims...i want a fix so i can delete it and have my GPS work like its suppose too..

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    Got to add the Salty Daug resturant to the Homer scenery !!!!!!!

    That is the place that visitors add dollar bills to the ceiling
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    Hi Roger, I tried to email you to ask permission to convert CYVQ FS9 scenery to XPlane11 but I am getting an error back, would you be able to allow me to convert it and share it with the community for free, would be really appreciated.

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