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Thread: Article: Interview With Roger Wensley

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    Default Article: Interview With Roger Wensley

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    Roger deserves an award! I hope he keeps turning out scenery!

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    I have used many of his sceneries. Thanks to Roger, and others like him, flight simming is much more interesting.

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    A big Thank You Roger for all these great smaller airfields you did for the best simulator ever - FS2004. In all the years they have taken me to places, I never would have known about.

    I agree totally with G. Putz, you deserve a lifetime award.


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    You mean a pension?

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    You are a Canadian treasure, sir! I just love your stuff! Thanks for putting our neighbors to the north on the map.
    By the way, Roger's not kidding about wanting e-mails. I've bugged him many times over the years and he's always been gracious and extremely helpful. Great customer service!
    Great interview too!

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    Roger is probably my favorite scenery designer. I have almost all of his packages. I love 'em and appreciate his attention to detail. Thanks a lot Roger, for many years of fun! Keep it up.

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    Default Keep your hand on the throttle

    Hi Roger, I've enjoyed many hours on my Flight Sim flying around Smiths Falls and Russ Beach Airport (CYSH) Your scenery is fantastic. Are you considering doing an update of CYSH for FSX?

    Thanks for all your hard work.


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    I love all those sceneries. They are really excelent. But I have always the same problem when I use them. When I open the gps window, the scenery crashes and close flght sim. Anyway, I think Mr. Wensley's work is amazing.

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    Without question, Roger is a treasure to our FlightSim hobby.

    A couple of years ago, my house was broken in to and many things stolen including my home computer. The computer was not used for anything except FS, and had the massive collection of sceneries that I had downloaded and added over the years.

    Last winter, I began the painstaking task of re-installing FS2004 and downloading and adding all the great sceneries I had enjoyed. It took a while, but I don't think there is a Roger Wensley scenery that I did not download in the last year.

    Being from Canada, it was automatic. Roger has brought my whole country to life in FS, and taught me so much about the geography of Canada. His sceneries are truly special, and having visited many of his airport creations in real life, I can tell you that he's not kidding when he says that realism is his primary goal when he creates sceneries.

    Last summer, while visiting Vancouver Island, I had the pleasure of visiting Nanaimo, Comox, and Campbell River, and WOW, I felt like I'd already been there.

    Roger, keep up the great work. I look forward to anywhere you may want to take me.

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