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    Hey guys

    We all know that CaptainSim and QualityWings provide the best 757s for FSX. Having flown on them all the time I wanted to try and build one up for myself on FSX.

    I like the quality wings exterior model while I like the captain sim one for the panel and systems so what I tried to do was to merge the CS 757 panel to the quality wings 757-200. Well the panel did work except that the buttons were NOT working at all?

    I tried copying the hydraulic, electrical, instruments, etc. from the CS757 aircraft.cfg to the QualityWings 757 aircraft.cfg but it didn't have an effect.

    What I did was I modified the panel.cfg for quality wings so the 3D would stay the same as default but the 2D panel was from the CS757 but it didn't work?

    I often had no problem merging the Wilco 737 panels to other aircraft so im wondering if CS protects their panels or if there is some super special way to do it?

    Anyone have any ideas how to make this merge work? (if its even possible)

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    The problems are often, in the captain sim planes for certain, that they place special codes in their panel.cfg and aircraft.cfg files, and their stuff doesn't work without their special codes included when you try to mix-n-match.
    Another problem is that VC panels are integral to the model, not just the panel.cfg, so to mix two panels in a plane, you have to keep the plane's original VC in the panel.cfg. Yes, sometimes you can change a certain gauge within the VC, but not the overall panel.

    That's the best I can offer, since I don't have any payware stuff at all...
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