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Thread: International Airport of Rio de Janeiro / Galeao - Antonio Carlos Jobim

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    Default International Airport of Rio de Janeiro / Galeao - Antonio Carlos Jobim

    Hello everyone.
    Again, it is delighted to bring more soon a fully rendered scene for our beloved X-Plane, already in development a few months.
    There is still some things to be a very big airport, it takes some time to set everything as some may know.
    I'm keeping the same focus, always maintaining a more realistic way possible with the real airport, never taking and not by, until some real textures were used on some objects, and that a large majority of these objects are very true to the actual airport, clear that those who are not, I had to improvise for lack of reference. I have detailed some well, others not so much already, I used textures to it were not to get too heavy, because the best details, but more heavy is the simulator, these are more remote objects, which see no need to drill a lot.
    Well, as some may know, the Galleon this reform, a magnification of 300%. The works are scheduled to conclude in May 2016, if all goes well. The scenario is being fitted, according to the airport is TODAY ok.
    If anyone has suggestions, feel free, as still in development can still take place or even before the launch.
    Here I leave a text for those who do not know or know very little about the airport, and in the end a video presentation of how this getting this project, hope you enjoy.

    This text is taken from the Free Encyclopedia site.

    The International Airport of Rio de Janeiro / Galeao - Antonio Carlos Jobim (IATA: GIG, ICAO: SBGL) is the second largest international airport in Brazil, standing. The International Airport of Rio de Janeiro / Galeao airport site has the largest and longest runway landing and takeoff of Brazil, the most important air gateway to the entire state of Rio de Janeiro. The International Airport of Rio de Janeiro / Antonio Carlos Jobim generally known as Galeao is the 2nd busiest airport in Brazil, second only to the Guarulhos International Airport with about half the number of flights. It has two passenger terminals (TPS1 and TPS2), with a capacity of seven million and eight million passengers, respectively.
    It has 62 parking positions for aircraft with 38 boarding bridges and too remote. The airport is also served by one of the largest, most modern and best-equipped Cargo Logistics Terminals in Brazil. This is the fourth busiest cargo terminal in the country, accounting for 6.2% of the total flow of this nature in Brazilian airports in 2007.
    The Airport of Rio de Janeiro has the second largest runway in Brazil (4,200 m), second only to the Lane Hawk Peixoto - EMBRAER this with 4967 meters long. The RIOgaleão was the first airport in the country and Latin America to receive the Airbus A380 aircraft, after the airport meet all the requirements needed to receive and safe operation of these aircraft, in accordance with applicable law and procedures accepted by the ANAC legislation.
    The airport's master plan includes the construction of two passenger terminals (TPS3 and TPS4) and a new runway, parallel to the current 10/28, but shorter.
    On January 5, 1999, a federal law changed the airport's name in honor of the musician and composer Antonio Carlos Jobim, who died in 1994.

    If video does not open, go to the link:

    Author / Developer
    Richard G Nunes

    Richard G Nunes

    A hug to All
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    International Airport of Rio de Janeiro / Galeao 2015.

    Test development.

    Solo service and Aircraft Traffic

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    Scenery International Airport of Rio de Janeiro / Galeao 2015.
    By Richard G. Nunes
    Hello everyone, plus some advances of this project that will soon be available.
    I hope you like it, thanks.

    Pontes sobre as Taxiways

    Pista de Asfalto 15-33 Personalizadas

    Pista 10-28 de Concreto Personalizadas

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    Looks fantastic!

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    Impressive work!

    Many thanks for sharing.


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    Default Official release / galeão - sbgl brazil



    International Airport of Rio de Janeiro / Galeao - Antonio Carlos Jobim (ICAO: SBGL / IATA: GIG)

    Rio de Janeiro/Galeo International Airport (SBGL),is the main airport serving Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It is the largest airport in Brazil, by total area.
    Rio de Janeiro is the second largest city in Brazil and home of the iconic 'Christ the Redeemer' statue that overlooks the city.

    Ultra-detailed rendition of the International Airport of Rio de Janeiro - a new generation of airports in X-Plane

    • Orthophoto textures and Occlusion environment
    • The Christ the Redeemer statue is included in this scenery package
    • Custom Runways, ground and taxiways textures
    • 3D Grass, based on the lawn type found at Rio Airport

    Auto Gate Ready

    • AutoGate Plugin by Marginal (included in the package)
    • Custom Jetways

    Animated Traffic

    • Animated objects, vehicles, people and aircraft
    • Ground Traffic and aircraft traffic
    • Using Ground Traffic by Marginal

    Many extras

    • Modeled Underpass under runways M and N (Bridges)
    • Customized Approach Lights Systems - ALS
    • Night texture and HDR lighting
    • Construction work on current expansion is included
    • Charts included

    About scenario development.

    - This scenario was building from studies and research on the International Airport of Rio de Janeiro, Galleon.
    - This is a replica of the airport "real", everything was done in accordance, general lighting, runways, taxiways, patios, decks, buildings, hangars, terminals and more, respecting 95% fidelity to the real Galeao Airport.

    Video presentation:


    Author and Publisher
    Richard G Nunes

    I'm open to suggestions, complaints and support.
    E-mail: [email protected]

    Thanks to all and especially to the portal "FlightSim" to support and enable the dissemination of this work.
    I hope you enjoy this work or contribution to your liking.

    A hug to everyone.

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    Default Review by Aerosoft

    X-Plane 10

    International Airport of Rio de Janeiro - Galeao / ICAO: SBGL

    Review by Aerosoft


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    Cool Riogaleão SBGL v2.0, updated 2017.

    Hello guys.

    Update now, Riogaleão SBGL v2.0, updated 2017.
    Customers, check your discount coupon in your store account.
    Coupon valid for 60 days.

    Video Riogaleão v2.0

    Good Flights
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    Globall Art - Richard Nunes
    Scenery Developer - X-Plane

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