I am setting up a flight sim system and could use some advice. I am using a MAC although I am running windows 8 via a bootcamp system which basically, but not entirely, makes it a windows machine.

I have installed the service pack 1 for fsx, but not an acceleration program or service pack 2......because I did not understand exactly which products to install to make my new machine compatible with the fsx.

I have a saitek x52 joystick and throttle.

I have fsx installed and have the following issues:
The aircraft seem to be missing parts when viewed from outside ??? From the cockpit is seems normal.
The MAC keyboard assignments seem to be different, F7 does not adjust flaps for instance.

With that background here are the questions I need help with:
1. What, if any, programs or service packs do I need to install to make my system most efficient?
2. How can I correct the problems of the aircraft not being visually intact?
3. Whats up with the F7 on the MAC keyboard not being the same as the F7 on a windows keyboard?

I appreciate any help.