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    I downloaded editvoicepak 2.0 and it said I had to download the .net framework to use it. I downloadeed it and it said I already had it, but I don't think I had it because the it still failed to run. I got an application error message. Then I downloaded it through windows update and it failed to install. If anyone knows whats going on, please respond.

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    "An application error message" means something is wrong.... Now, if I knew what the error message was saying, I might even be able to guess what is wrong!

    Developer of EditVoicepack

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    EditVoicepack.exe-Application Error

    The application failed to initialize properly (0x0000135). Click on OK to terminate the application.

    That is what it said when I tried to open "EditVoicepack Client". I assume I need the .net framework installed to open it. But I can't get the ##### thing installed!!!
    Here's what I did: (I have Windows XP)

    I used the link from the EditVoicepack site to go to the sight where I downloaded the .net framework. I downloaded it, and this is the message I got during the install:

    Microsoft .Net Framework V1.0

    Microsoft .NET Framework V1.0 is incompatible with this version of Windows. All of its features are currently part of Windows.

    OK.........then why won't Editvoicepack work? I re-downloaded and re-installed it and got the same result.

    Then I tried it through Windows Update. I got this message during the install:

    No Updates Were Installed

    The following items failed to install. To try installing them again, click Review and install updates, and then click Install Now again.
    Microsoft .Net Framework

    I tried it again many times, and it still didn't work.

    A few months ago I installed the Windows XP Service Pack 1. Then my computer started acting weird (I don't think it had to do with the .Net Framework) so I took my computer back in time to before I installed the Service Pack. Later I installed just the 4 critical updates, and then Internet Explorer 6,but that was after I started having .Net problems anyway. My only guess as to what happened it that maybe fragments were left of the .Net Framework after I took my computer back in time, and those are messing it up. But I'm not even sure the .Net framework evencame with the Service Pack 1. I went to add/remove programs and then to add/remove windows components, and there were no signs of it there. I'm wondering if there might be a folder it could be in or something.

    Well, obviously I need help and if anybody has anything to share that might help, I would much appreciate it. Thanks.


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    It sounds like you may have corrupted some parts of WinXP. You can conduct a recovery/reinstallation by placing your WinXP CD in the drive, and follow the instructions. I ignored the request to register again and the computer continues to operate.

    I did that recently with my daughter's computer, pre SP1. It reset all the files to the WinXP CD revision level. I then had to update all the files from the WinXP Update site. I have since downloaded the entire SP1 (137+MB) because I have three computers to update and installed to each computer. I briefly looked through SP1 files to see if NET was part of it, but didn't see the NET files. I would definitly install SP1, since Microsoft will only support post SP1 on their update site. I also recommend downloading the entire SP1 file or ordering the CD for $9.95.

    If you want WinXP NET files use the ones on the WinXP update site. There have been several updates to the NET files since it became available.

    W. Sieffert

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    Thanks. It worked.

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