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Thread: Manual Landing of A321 in FSX?

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    Default Manual Landing of A321 in FSX?

    Hello, Guys!

    I'm newbie in this forum.

    I can fly every FSX Aircraft using Autopilot and land it perfectly.

    Now I'm working on Landing A321 without Autopilot (means manually).

    Here are the problems that I've faced.

    I reach 10nm away from runway using GPS with 140Knots Speed and 6000ft Altitude. But I don't know what to do next? How to decrease Vertical speed so that I reach at threshold? How to remain in Center-line of runway without GPS? Sometimes, I remain Aircraft nose straight but not get the right landing.


    If anyone knows the right method to land manually, I request him to please tell me. I'll be grateful to him.



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    I do face the same issue..also A321 is bit jerky and lose control in the final approach..

    But you can try descending the a321 to 3000 ft while you are in 20 nm with flap1 and 160 knots. You can use 3D view and the left windscreen mid is almost inline with your runway...This is basically from my very little experience of flying a321 in fsx

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    You could try using the ILS, even just to get the indicators up, then you can manually follow them down until you have the runway in sight. Also, 140knots 10nm out is probably a bit slow, you could go a bit faster. You don't have to execute the non-precision approach with constant wings level and constant vertical and air speed. Look outside, use the PAPI lights (2 reds and 2 white is what you want), and continually monitor and decide if you need to adjust pitch, bank or throttle.
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    Good practice for flying the A321 is to do the ROME-Naples Mission. Plenty of hand flying in the A321 with a manual landing and a copilot giving you speed, flaps, gear down, etc instructions.
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    I fly the A320 series all the time in FSX, and I love flying her. I'm usually about 3000ft above the runway altitude at 10nm out, at 150kts. That sets me up for an decent at about 600-700fpm with a little modifications during the approach for slowing down to about 140kts on touchdown. A little flare at about 100ft above the runway and I usually get around 100-200fpm on touchdown.

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    What is 'missing' is the 'trick' to manual landings. And that is PITCH TRIM. As you approach, and slow, you will tend to 'dive' and your 'profile' will be all wrong (ie: you will land on nose wheel). So to avoid that AND to fly in at 600 fpm you need to add as much as 4.0 of positive pitch trim to keep your nose up (and wings at max efficiency for slow speed flight). Forget the flare. Concentrate on landing it on main wheels. THAT is what you aim for. When over the fence, cut throttle and pull back on stick IF NEEDED. What you want is to land on the main wheels. Forget the flare. (Echo?-hehe). YOU are responsible for GEAR (lowered?), FLAPS, THROTTLE and PITCH TRIM. That's it. Happy landings.
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    In the a321 pitch trim will only be effective if you swich off elac1 and elac2. (on the overhead panel.

    elac=elevator augmentation controll.
    part of the fly by wire system, and controlling the elevator, making pitch trim impossible. (just does not work.)

    (I don't fly the a321 much, but tried today a flight, after seeing your question, and that's the first thing I noticed. there may be another way of getting pitch control back, I don;t know.)
    Pitch control also controls your speed. essential for flying completely manually.

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    I don't know jack about Airbuses.. But.. To me, you manual land a large plane the
    same way you manual land a small one, with minor modifications of course.. But all the
    basics are still the same. You control the power and pitch, and you aim at the runway
    which preferably should stay in the same appx spot on the glass ahead of you.
    When you get to the runway, you flare at an appropriate rate for the airplane, and land.
    Piece of cake.

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