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Thread: Saitek X55 Throttle Problems

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    Hey everyone I just got my new Saitek X55 and I'm having trouble setting it up. When I had the throttles at idle, the sim had them at about 30%. I have the null zones at zero and I've done everything that is laid out in the document for how to set it up for FSX. I tried calibrating it but now it only recognizes the throttle from between like 50% and 70%. I know I'm probably missing something really stupid but any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    In the Saitek driver for the X55 there is an option called Control Panel which visually helps to check/verify all the buttons, hats,etc. Then adjust X55 in FSX.


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    Once you have verified with the control panel the throttle is working correctly, keep in mind you have THREE throttles in FSX (the controller, the autothrottle and the keyboard) and they can over-ride each other. Throw payware FSUIPC into the mix and it gets more complicated.

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