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Thread: ALT + Num4 and ALT + Num7 wants to exit page, how do I stop that?

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    Default ALT + Num4 and ALT + Num7 wants to exit page, how do I stop that?

    [strikethrough]Let me specify that this is in reference to typing in a text field while on an internet website. NOT while flying in the simulator:

    I know this is not a flight sim question, but it's absolutely driving me bonkers, so I'm hoping somebody can help me.

    I recently did a Mozilla Firefox update, and ever since the update went through, it seems to have activated some keyboard shortcuts that I don't like.

    I for one use the ALT + 248 command (on the 10-key pad) for making the "degree sign" a lot, when I'm posting here and want to make reference to either temp or lat/long. Tonight I was making a post reply to a fellow-member, and upon trying to type in the Num4 (of the "248" sequence) with the ALT key held down, it exited out of my post field and I lost my entire post! It wasn't doing this even two days ago.

    I went on Mozilla's web help pages to see about editing keyboard shortcuts, and it says that they exist, and gives mention of what they are , but no mention of how to edit them or disable them, so that this stops happening.

    If anyone else here uses Mozilla Firefox, can you please help me get around this? Especially with use of the numeric 4 and 7 keys with the ALT key. Those seem to be the worst for some reason. They just want to shut everything down and go backwards out of whatever web page I happen to be on.[/strikethrough]

    Disregard above. I solved the problem. I found an internal Firefox addon editor. I reassigned the keys to something different where they won't get in the way.

    Test text:

    59°F 34°N lat, 120°W long.

    There... it works!

    -- John
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