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Thread: KSAT - San Antonio Intl. Airport

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    Default KSAT - San Antonio Intl. Airport

    Hello everyone.

    I have been looking for a good quality KSAT scenery. Everything I have found is freeware quality, but nothing that compares to payware quality a la LatinVFR or FlyTampa etc.. Does anyone know of a good KSAT scenery that is payware quality? And does anyone have recommendations on how to approach asking these payware companies if they would be willing to do one?

    San Antonio is the 7th largest city in the US. We need a good payware

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    I'm in the same boat. Now that we have ultra quality San Antonio MegaScenery, and great quality airports in Houston, Dallas, and Austin, really wish the same treatment were given to San Antonio. I've considered doing it myself but it'll never be near the level of detail of FSDT and the others that I'd really like to see.

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    Default San Antonio Intls Airport is bugged.

    KSAT Intl is buggy (MSFS 2020) The Marshall made me crash into a wall, which was actually the ground that was elevated so much that looked like a wall. It happened twice at that airport (did not crash into it the 2nd time 8)).
    Give it a try, fly from KAUS to KSAT RNAV(RNV) Z RWY 4 approach. Request parking and you will find the Marshall standing on top of the "wall." I Noticed the same problem while flying in other parts of Texas, where the ground looked like it suffered a massive earthquake where you can see the fault and one side much higher than the other.
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