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Thread: Hawaiian Airlines Virtual (grand opening)

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    Default Hawaiian Airlines Virtual (grand opening)

    Hawaiian Airlines Virtual is announcing its opening to the general flight simulation community!
    After several weeks of planning, programming, and fine tuning, the website, forum, teamspeak, and policy manual is finally ready for applications and new members to join the ranks of pilots for Hawaiian Airlines Virtual!

    Hawaiian Airlines Virtual was founded after two friends, David Reynolds and Adam Marion, had a bad experience with another VA, both as Executive Staff Members. When David and Adam founded Hawaiian Airlines Virtual their first line of business was to ensure that there is always a positive atmosphere around their organization.

    Hawaiian Airlines Virtual features the most up-to-date practices for Virtual Airline Management, from nightly route updates for Hawaiian routes, Ohana by Hawaiian routes, and each and every codeshare for Hawaiian Airlines, to real-world fleet listings and fleet maintenance, to a virtual charter division of Hawaiian Airlines Virtual which allows our members the freedom to fly to any airport within the State of Hawaii!

    You are encouraged to visit our website at and come see what we are all about! If you have questions or wish to talk to us prior to submitting your membership application we encourage any correspondence through our Help Desk at!

    We look forward to meeting and speaking with each of our new members and we hope you chose to join one of the most innovative virtual airlines in the flight simulation community!

    David Reynolds | COO
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    Aloha Pilots,

    We are off to a great start, we have added all of Hawaiian Airlines routes and nearly all of their code share partners routes, plus we have added an awesome Charter branch to our VA to expand to many aircraft types. Come check us out today.

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    Our VA has been in operation for 4 months and we are proud of our growth in this short period of time. Come see what we have accomplished

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    We are still recruiting Pilots if you guys are interested, we also have a few Staff Openings.

    Thanks for checking us out guys!!!

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    I'm yer new pilot Allen

    Having some trouble getting going

    1. Need a tutorial on the smartcars system, can't seem to get it to work
    2. Very difficult contacting anyone on the website, can't use the Pilot Contact Point, I don't have a pilot ID yet
    3. Tried to register with the forum but it says my IP or e-mail addy is from a known spammer

    I am VERY familiar with registering in forums, using acars etc. I may not be the problem here.

    Thanks for any help

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    Our VA is doing great and we want to welcome all those that came over to fly with us. 2015 has been a great year for us so far we are still accepting applications for Pilots and Staff as well. Come see out new our new website and our new look.

    See you guys there

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    We are 104 Pilots going strong. Come fly with us today

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    HEY Dave and Marion good luck in your latest endeavor hope it works out better than your other virtual airline did.

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