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Thread: Creating Airports with WorldEditor

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    Default Creating Airports with WorldEditor

    Creating Airports with WorldEditor

    One of the great things about X-Plane is the relative ease at which sceneries can be created.

    If you've ever looked at the sceneries available for X-Plane and thought that you'd like to have a go at creating your own, then perhaps this series of video tutorials might help:

    Have fun!


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    That series of tutorials are excellent. Very helpful in setting everything up and getting a project going.

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    That series of tutorials are excellent

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    I agree. It is easy.
    A small airfield in particular, is quite simple in the sense that you have to place less objects and can focus more on making a small area look quite dynamic. And it is very satisfying to see your created content be used and enjoyed by fellow simmers.

    Happy landings!

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    X-Plane has some wonderful tools for scenery creation and WED is no exception considering they are freeware! Things are looking good for scenery creators on the X-Plane platform,

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    I agree, doing airports with wed is great. I am having a problem with getting my WED-O-Maker to run. Maybe someone can help. I have WIn 10, Newest Java, Fast Graphics, 32GB Ram, I7 CPU. After downloading the APP, It will not start. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated...

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