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Thread: Freeware Devleopment in X-Plane, My 2nd Post on the topic.

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    Hi Guys,
    Can you send me this hangar for sketc up ?

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    Great post!
    I, too, am a big fan of the Sketchup and WED combination.
    Really all you need to make an amazing custom airfield is a good image editor, WED and Sketchup with XP plugin.

    The tools nowadays are great! I hope a larger part of the community will give it a shot and create some beautiful aerodromes to discover.

    Anyone can do this.

    Happy landings,

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    I too do scenery work with XP-11. I have not yet published on gateway yet, but plan to in the future. WED is great, and coupled with WED-O-Maker ( WEDBING ), its not to complicated revamping or creating airports and landing fields. Right now I just revamp airports and various places that XP 11 included in the main sim, for my own use. Fir example KLAS. In XP`s last download they stated that KLAS was revamped and great to fly to. I was amazed at the level of work done. But upon closer looks, you could see things that where not nice. Taxi lines, not intersected, or smoothly rounded, pologons unclear just to name a few. Mr Jan Vogel, a real world Captin with Lufthan, has produced a full line of excellent tutorials in scenery design and lays down the basic rules of scenery design. How this escaped Xp when they presented KLAS in the latest update to XP is beyond me. I checked the Google Earth Pro ortho for this airport, and althought this airport has existed for many years and shows the wear and tear, these things where not modelled. I decided to do scenery work because I love realism. As to bwa`s comment " Anyone can do this. " I totally disagree, there is a large helping of talent, as well as 3d conception required.

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