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Thread: Best International Airport ever for fs2004?

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    Default Best International Airport ever for fs2004?

    What is in your opinion the best international airport available up to day (detailed graphics) for fs2004?

    It doesn´t matter if its freeware or payware and could be in any country of the world.

    Visit the long haul flights album in

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    Either Dubai or Kai Tak, both from FlyTampa.

    The city scenery is excellent, if that is what you are looking for.

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    In real life as in FS, Adelaide Airport in South Australia (YPAD) is nominally an international airport, coz it does support international flights. Hong Kong, Singapore, and I think New Zealand; and at one time, South Efrica. It is quite small, with only the one runway, so most Americans and Europeans would no doubt classify it as "regional". Having said that, it is beautifull modelled in the download file. One advantage of a smaller airport is that you can concentrate on the details. And this is indeed beautifully detailed.

    Steve from Mudgee

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    Are you sure?

    Isn't it

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    @ hgschnell
    Searching with
    in the flightsim library (filename option) give no results (cause typo )
    Searching with Adelaide (FS2004 scenery option) give and also
    So what is the best in the 3 options ????
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    Novosibirsk Tolmachevo, one of my favorites. Not a capital but an international airport.

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    Johannesburg's O.R Tambo! That airport is so ridiculously busy! In my Fs2004, it is I believe the 2nd or 3rd busiest airport under London Heathrow and JFK. The scenery I downloaded for it, is freeware and you can find it here on 3rd Page, 2nd Column is the scenery I use, and it is absolutely amazing

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    I like the airports from FSDreamteam. Las Vegas is nice and so is KLAX. Cool thing about Las Vegas is that the Janet terminal has been added and I was worried about that since I was using freeware Las Vegas and had added the Janet terminal for my Janet secret shuttles that fly to the real life destinations according to real schedules. I have built (and still building) Area-51 and my Janet's go there. But I like my home state Denver, KDIA too. I can't remember who makes that airport, but it's pretty good and the airport is just massive. In fact the runways in Denver are as long as the Rockie Mountains are as high. Around 15,000 feet! This is due to density altitude in the summer. Need more runway for lift.

    FSDreamteam has some pretty nice Hawaiian airports. I haven't used them yet, but I seen the pictures on their site. The best part about FSDreamteam is that when you buy a FS2004 airport you get the same airport for FSX free.
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