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Thread: Anybody flown a real T-2 Buckeye and what did they think about it

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    Default Anybody flown a real T-2 Buckeye and what did they think about it


    I was wondering if anybody has flown a real T-2C Buckeye and what they thought of it.
    Its one of my favorite planes, and its retired now so I will not get a chance to fly one when I join the navy.
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    Have you downloaded the RAZBAM T-2 Buckeye for FSX? I grew up in Pensacola and saw them fly quite often (I though it was a sexy, cute airplane) but I never flew one for real. When I get tired of the immensely complex and lengthy transition training required for the VRS F/A-18E, I jump in my T-2C and just go fun-flying for a while. Can't say "for real" but in FSX it's an easy airplane to fly ... 'cept for the radios which were a bit of a challenge to figure out. Check it out.

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    I flew the T-2A in the 1960's as a student, including my first CQ's. The A model was underpowered in climb, but otherwise pretty honest and reliable. Later I flew the T-2B and T-2C as a test pilot. They handled much the same except much better climb and fuel consumption. The only thing about ANY T-2 model is you had to watch out for its tendency to pitch nose up on a waveoff - not too difficult, but you had to be trained for it. it was caused by the engine thrust line being so far below the airplane cg.

    The cockpit was very roomy, but the rudder pedals were a little to far apart to my liking. I felt like I was riding a Clydesdale horse when I first strapped in

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