Hi! Here are all my questions!

I) A320 communications


P1, 1.23.10 SEQ 001 REV23 says that the Radio management panel (RMP) permits us to tune a frequency. It then sends what we have entered by an electrical signal to the VHF/HF transceivers which is connected to the VHF and HF antennas. Here, the transceivers send an electrical signal to two different "places": to the antenna and the audio management unit (AMU). The AMU sends it to the audio control panel (ACP)

1) Is everything right?

Ok, let's continue: RMP 1 and RMP 2 are connected to each and every VHF/HF: VHF 1/ VHF 2/ VHF3 and HF1/ HF2 but RMP1 is generally used for VHF1 and HF1, RMP 2 is generally used for VHF 2 and HF2. RMP 3, on the overhead is for VHF3 which is connected threw RMP1 and RMP2.

2) Everything right?

The AMU: Audio management unit.

3) What is exactly it's use? Is it the AMP's computer?

4) What is a jack box?

5) On 1.23.20 P3, it says that hand mike and oxygen mask is connected to the AMU. Is it basically the boom with the microphone on the mike and the oxygen mask which is connected?

6) The data comes/goes to/from the AMP. What data goes to the AMU? For example, when we you turn the volume up, it sends an electrical signal to the AMU, which sends it to the transceivers who adjust the volume?

7) Are the transceivers connected to the microphones to adjust volume?*

Cabin Intercommunication data system: CIDS

8) Ok, so when we chose a frequency, it goes to the* VHF/HF transceivers. But when we talk with the cabin, it passes threw the CIDS?

9) Ok, so the lights, signals (no smoking...etc) pass by the CIDS?*


10) Ok, so when we press on INT, it let's the signal go/come from the cockpit to the cabin, you should have it ON, to be able to receive or to talk to the passengers/crew.

11) Neutral: You can only receive but you can not transmit (the most frequently used I imagine....)

12) RAD: You can talk/receive from the tower control


13) Basically 3 things give position to the FMGS:
a) GPS
b) IRS/INS/IRU with inertia.
c) Beacons like VOR, NDB...etc. With the 2 VOR antenna for example!

14) The navaids comes by number 3??? Basically the VOR antenna gives the CRS you are in and FMGS uses it for 2 things:
a) To calculate it's position to confirm the hybrid GPIRS position!
b) For navaids.
Am I right?*

15) The plane needs to keep a small AoA on the wings to produce lift during cruise, it is also calculated by the flight management part (which will then send it to the FD)? Right?

16) I saw that it sometimes autotunes but still shows ---, how is that possible? Does the VOR antenna loses contact due to clouds...etc?*

17) I saw a cockpit video and the pilot turned off the F/D, but the A/P was still working! Is the F/D computer still working and displaying bank and pitch for A/P (of course, we can't see it on the PFD, it's doing it inside the computer)

18) Check this please: http://www.efbdesktop.com/nav-flight...ys-14.1.6.html
Attitude is coming from the IRS/INS but the A/P follows FD bars. So is this data ONLY for FMGS (not for DMC, screens)? Because we had said that AP used to follow FD but if ATT coming from the FMGS is displayed by the FD, it would mean that AP is doing the same thing....

Lot's of questions quite important for me!

Thanks a lot!