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    Hi Guys

    I am brand new to this - have always wanted an FSX set up. Ordered package of controls and FSX software and just configured machine and screen.

    I know that there are loads of add ons for this. I just want to find my feet and operate out of a local airport (southend) I know well to a destination I know well (Alicante) to find my way around the software.

    I have heard of VATSIM and would like to get that on board - is there anyone who can tell me what exact files I need to make this happen and the actual add ons which are relevant. Any advice will be welcome - apologies if this is completely irritating to the hard core but im sure you all started somewhere like this!

    I just want to hit the ground running with compatible stuff that will get me going then step up from there maybe with a A319 easyjet model??

    many thanks


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    I know the temptation to jump right in with addons and go flying in free flight but, if you're really brand new to FSX, or any other flight simulator, I highly recommend running through the tutorials (missions) in order to start getting used to the basic operation of FSX itself first.

    That will also help get you used to how the controls you are using cause the program to respond and for you to make any adjustments to sensitivity and null zones for those.

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    Don't get drawn into flying the Big Iron yet. You need to crawl before you can walk, and it's the same with this infernal FlightSim thing...

    Learning by using the Tutorials and the Default 172 not only teach you the basics of flight, but also what you're going to encounter along the way from EGMC to LEAL.

    (BTW... the 4 letter codes refer to Southend and Alicante airports; one little but important thing to know.)

    As you get more proficient and comfortable handling the airplane, things will get more exciting and challenging. You've got plenty of time to get into VATSIM and the A319. get used to the basics first.

    In the meantime, peruse the File Library, and see what's available for the two Airports you're interested in. There's lots of stuff in the Library, and it's all free!

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