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Thread: Issue with my Superbug

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    Had a quick question, I recently bought the TacPack enabled Superbug, the aircraft is beautiful and the detail is immaculate. I've been eagerly awaiting an opportunity to test out the TacPack, but I figured I get used to flying the aircraft first and I keep encountering the same issue. I use a Logitech 3DPro joystick and compared to all my other aircraft I seem to encounter some problems with the throttle. Unlike many of the issues on the VRS fourm it's not because of The throttle does work, it responds to my movements and such but when I add power when in the air, it is only when I'm verging on afterburner that I actually start gaining speed.

    I can barely get the bug faster than 400 knots

    I installed the FSUIPC freeware, and I'm either using it incorrectly or it had no effect. I tried re calibrating my joystick's slider for the throttle but it still didn't help.

    If anyone has any advice or tutorials or can help in any way I would appreciate it more than you know.

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    I have the same software. Have you tried to troubleshoot doing a log? Run the configuration software for the superbug. In the settings window or tab you can check and see if there isn't any errors listed in the errors log window. Have the software do a data log, Fly the bug a bit, quit, then check for errors. Beyond that you can post on the vrs forum. They can help you the most regarding their product.

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    Thanks for the response, Yep tried trouble shooting & no problems are detected. And yes I'm posting it on here as well as on the VRS fourms just to try to get a wider range of opinions. Also just to see if anyone else has experienced the problem before.

    I recorded a video of the issue, the superbug maxing out at about 517 knts with full afterburner, to better illustrate my point.

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    I also have the superbug, and I seem to get a similar performance to that described by the OP. If I am just doing a flight from A to B without aerobatic manoeuvres then I seem to be alright but during displays it does need afterburner on just about full time to not stall.
    I could be wrong, but I think this is just how the aircraft is made and it has been purposefully designed this way.
    Hope this helps...

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