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    If you publish or use any part of this scenery, please mention the transaction date + name (minimum $5)

    CDB- Library, presentation by Freddy

    This is the best event in the X-Plane community since the introduction of Lego bricks.
    This library will be extremely helpful to those developers, who wish to create new airports based upon HD objects.

    CDB- Library, presentation by Cami

    This object library is made for X-Plane and was created by Cami De Bellis.
    There are currently more than 1600 items which when unzipped amount to 535.8MB. All textures are in dds format.
    Because I like languages, some objects are described and named in various languages such as Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian (my native language). But hopefully it will be easy-to-understand for everyone. Many items have different sizes, like plants, trees and others.


    Unzip the CDB-Library, and then place it in Custom Scenery.
    Open OverlayEditor or WED, choose CDB-Library from the menu.


    Freddy De Pues, beloved virtual friend, who is hosting my library on his website.
    Felipe Bachian who helped me with the first steps into the X-Plane world.


    Although this object’s library is free, I spent many months of research and work to complete it. Every detail and relevance of any object I’ve created, was created with the proper measures in meters.
    If you like my library, please encourage me to do more and donate through PAYPAL.

    I’ll really appreciate any kind of donation.
    Thank you.

    Hope you enjoy. Have fun!
    Copyright and Distribution
    This Library is freeware.

    No charge may be made for this software (archive), or any part of this.
    No charge may be made for the use of this library.
    Anyone can use it and distribute inside their own scenery’s package, as for free.
    To use it inside Pay ware packages, please contact the author first at email [email protected]
    The authors’ rights and wishes concerning this software must be respected.
    Copyright©2014 Cami De Bellis, Oct, 2014.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Download link:

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