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Thread: Do you ever crash on purpose? Do you push the envelope?

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    Default Do you ever crash on purpose? Do you push the envelope?

    I work with kids who love nothing more than crashing on purpose. I don't get it. Well, kind of. Flying is easy, and kind of boring if nothing is happening, and they crave action. I, myself, would do anything to keep from crashing. So, do adults (which I assume most of you are) like to crash, or do they avoid the crash if possible? And, do virtual pilots like to "wring out" the planes and take them to the limits or do you prefer to maintain control? Recently, I spoke to another "real" pilot who said he rolled a Cherokee. I was aghast. What is the feeling in the community?

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    Well, I like to crash on purpose when I am bored But, then again I AM a teen...

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    Yes I do all kinds of crazy things is FS. I practice landing the piper cub on a building heliport with no wind. It works

    I load the A380 1 million lbs. over max allowable weight and then takeoff, Well you can't with engines. So I slew to 10,000ft and glide it in without flaps. I have landed many times successfully without crasing and running out of runway.

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    One of my fav things it to make up super bad weather for landings If I heard of a big storm on TV I lie to sim-fly there and load the real world weather...

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    No crashing...EVER. I don't want to pick up any bad habits
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    No never!

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    In the case of a complete electrical failure, or lost in navigation with no hopes of coordinating, I descend to make a "crash landing" in a clear area.

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    I don't crash or push the envelope. The only thing I do and you may want to try it is to put all engines to idle right above an airport at 40,000 feet and see if you can land your 744. Simulate engine failure or just shut them all down.

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    Yes. When flying online I will crash the bird when I want to change planes. And, it's a sim, I figured I might as well simulate everything, which includes crashes and totally unrealistic flight. You can learn a lot about an airplane putting it in weird positions which may help when an "emergency" situation arises with the aircraft during a real flight sim flight.

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