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Thread: Circuits in a Skyhawk, NSW Australia

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    Default Circuits in a Skyhawk, NSW Australia

    Hi all,
    I've been inspired on here to try some of my own screenshots, here's a set from a morning lesson with my always patient instructor. We did a few circuits at Kempsey, in NSW Australia. Hope you enjoy them.

    Running through the pre-start up checks.

    Holding short for an intersection departure at Runway 22, waiting for other traffic to clear the runway.

    Traffic is clear, we're good to go! Lining up on 22.


    Now on the downwind leg. It's a beautiful, clear morning. Very important to keep an eye out for other traffic in the circuit.

    It's not long before we're turning base. Full flaps please.

    Not looking too bad, although I'm sure my instructor would be positioned even better

    My buddy on the ground took a photo as we flew over. LGE could do with a clean!


    After the first circuit my instructor suggested I put the camera away and concentrate on my flying. I think she's right!

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    Very nice series here Tom!

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    Great set of shots on that touch and go. She's right; cameras can be a distraction. Jim
    I am a King Air fan.

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    Outstanding set of shots Tom, great angles!!

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    Thanks for the replies everyone, I appreciate it!

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    Great shots Tom, looks like you have the circuits nailed

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    Thanks Smiffy! I still have a tendency to come in too high in the A2A Skyhawk, but with full flaps and no power you can get a pretty steep descent going. Just gotta look after that main gear :P

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